Welcome to my page dedicated to The X-Files.

My first exposure to the X-Files was in 1994. The show used to play every late Sunday afternoon in my country. I remember being pretty indifferent to it. It seemed cheap, grey, slow, and a little depressing visually. I believe the first episode I saw might have been "Conduit".

Later in 1995 the show moved to the much more appropriate Friday night slot, starting around 22:45. I had no school on Saturday so it allowed me to stay awake longer and experience a bit more of the show. Still, I must confess I was not too into it. I have a memory of the show playing during my 1995 summer break. It was hot so my sister and I were still in our backyard stargazing, looking for bats, and talking about light years and cosmic distances and other worlds. I recall walking back into my house and I think "Born Again" was airing. It was the episode's climax with the poltergeist activity reaching its peak and the little girl messing up the room and her mother.

Then on October 28, 1995, something special happened. The channel that owned the rights to the show in my country decided to try an experiment and program a new type of TV slot imported from the US. They aired two episodes of The X-Files followed by an episode of Tales from the Crypt. The X-Files episodes were Colony and Endgame. I paid attention to the show for the first time on that Saturday night, and I loved it. It left me wanting to watch more and I was not the only one. The channel's little experiment was a success, the audience answered the call and at that point, "Les Samedis Fantastiques" became a recurring weekly appointment and a family tradition. All episodes from seasons 1 and 2 were broadcast over several months and The X-Files soon achieved cult status among the general audience.

During the following years, I became absolutely obsessed with the show. I was doing handwritten episode guides for myself, which I was then re-reading or re-writing from scratch. I loved this. I began buying the official magazine to learn more about episodes that had already aired in the US.

This absolute fandom continued until 1998 when the fifth season ended and the movie, Fight the Future, concluded what I like to call the golden age of the show. After that, production moved from Vancouver's gloomy and pissy setting to California. For me, this was the beginning of the end - an end that came much faster than I expected. I did what I could to watch season 6 but overall this was such a disappointing change of atmosphere. What I loved about the X-Files were always the Monsters of the Week episodes and the dark atmosphere. Every week, a new case, a new mystery and a new mutant or other supernatural creature. But now, these episodes were becoming either redundant, or plain stupid and way too comedic (the only funny episode I enjoy is Bad Blood). I struggled keeping up with the show during season six and I gave up during the seventh season. Mulder disappeared, Dogget and Reyes took over... and the magic was gone for good. I never even watched the show's finale until many, many years later.

A movie came out in 2008 - it was so bad and pointless that I am not even sure it is worth a mention. The X Files were dead and buried.

In 2015, hope came back. My passion ignited brighter than ever when it was announced that a return of the series was imminent. This "revival" as they called it would only be for 6 episodes and 3 of them would be myth arcs. Ouch. By then the mythology was FUBAR but I was curious to see where Chris Carter would take the story next. I was not even surprised when this first attempt at bringing back The X Files magic failed hard. When my favorite episode ends up being the comedic one, you know there's a problem. Founder's Mutation was the only other good episode but overall the mythology of the show was blown to smithereens by its creator. And please... don't get me started on the embarassing dream sequence of Mulder dressed in a cow boy outfit and dancing. I don't think I've ever cringed so hard in my entire life.

It was also clear to me that Gillian Anderson's heart just wasn't there anymore. David Duchovny slipped back in the role of Mulder as if he had never left it. But Scully just wasn't Scully any longer. Anderson was painful to watch, she didn't have anything to do with 1990's Scully. Her posture was different, her mannerisms were different and her raspy whisper was beyond annoying. Speak up, bitch ! Still, despite this obvious letdown I was just kind of happy to be there, on my sofa with my kids, watching The X-Files again. And when that opening theme started it was an amazing fandom moment.

The second season of the revival was better albeit not by much. The highlights for me were Plus One and Familiar, two episodes that could have been taken straight from 1995. Familiar in particular can be described as The X-Files' IT with Mr Chuckletheeth being an appropriately terrifying Pennywise alternative. For this episode the show also recovered its grey, gloomy and rainy atmosphere - which was a delight for me.

The revival's end was anticlimactic. No surprise there. It leaves us with so many uncertainties and interrogations. Anderson has stated that she was done with The X-Files and you know what... seing how distant and boring she appeared to be during the revival I say GOOD RIDDANCE. She never showed any enthusiasm on screen or during the interviews. Am I really the only one who noticed ? Sadly this also means there will likely never be another season of the show because of her, and poor ratings won't help either. It is sad but when you consider that the show should have ended in 1998 after the first movie... it pains me to say this is probably for the best. Still I would enjoy maybe a spin-off starring only David Duchovny. You could call it "Mulder" or something like that. Drop The X-Files name because it can't be The X Files without Scully.

*Sigh* I don't want to end on a depressing note. The X-Files' early seasons were a formative experience of my youth and to this day they remain my favorite moment of television ever. This enough should be celebrated.

OK, here are my favorite episodes as I recall :

Squeeze 1.3
Ice 1.8
Fallen Angel 1.10
Beyond the Sea 1.13
E.B.E. 1.17
Darkness Falls 1.20
Tooms 1.21
The Erlenmeyer Flask 1.24
Little Green Men 2.1
The Host 2.2
Duane Barry 2.5
Ascension 2.6
Firewalker 2.9
Excelsis Dei 2.11
Aubrey 2.12
Irresistible 2.13
Die Hand die Verletzt 2.14
Colony 2.16
End Game 2.17
The Calusari 2.21
F. Emasculata 2.22
Our Town 2.24
Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose 3.4
Nisei 3.9
731 3.10
War of the Coprophages 3.12
Syzygy 3.13
Grotesque 3.14
Piper Maru 3.15
Apocrypha 3.16
Pusher 3.17
Quagmire 3.22
Wetwired 3.23
Home 4.2
Unruhe 4.4
Tunguska 4.8
Terma 4.9
Paper Hearts 4.10
Leonard Betts 4.12
Tempus Fugit 4.17
Max 4.18
Synchrony 4.19
Elegy 4.22
Demons 4.23
Detour 5.4
Kitsunegari 5.8
Schizogeny 5.9
Kill Switch 5.11
Bad Blood 5.12
The Pine Bluff Variant 5.18
Folie à Deux 5.19
Drive 6.2
S.R. 819 6.9
Agua Mala 6.13
Arcadia 6.15
Field Trip 6.21
Millennium 7.4
Sein und Zeit 7.10
Closure 7.11
Roadrunners 5.8
Plus One 11.3
Rm9sbG93ZXJz 11.7
Familiar 11.8

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